Green Beans With Pistachio Pesto

This weekend we made some of the most delicious green beans that I have ever tasted. Let me tell you, these are not your granny's veggies.

On Saturday we downloaded a new app called "yummly". Have you heard of it? It compiles a ton (thousands and thousands) of internet recipes into one app. You can choose the recipe you want to try, add the ingredients to the in-app shopping list, and head to the store to collect everything for all the recipes you want to try.

I'm seriously in love. This week we sat down and chose a bunch of the recipes from the app for our dinner menu, and did all of our grocery shopping. It is a breeze. Check it out online {here}.

Our first recipe was Green Beans with Pistachio Pesto. (Find the recipe {here}.) It was quick, easy, and really tasty - my top recipe requirements. 

We started with fresh green beans (I guess technically you could use canned or frozen, but the fresh is so yum.) In the boiling water we tossed in the snapped beans and garlic.

While the beans were boiling we used our Ninja processor and blend the pesto ingredients. Note: I had no idea I could use pistachios in a pesto--I love it!

When the beans were cooked through we added a few tablespoons of the water to our pesto to give it some liquid. It was as simple as tossing our cooked beans with our easy-blend pesto mix.

I can't use enough words to describe how delicious these green beans were. I couldn't get enough of them, really. They had so much flavor and tasted so fresh. AND they were a vegetable - BONUS!

I will definitely be keeping this recipe up my sleeve for the next time I am invited to  a dinner and asked to bring a side. And, yes, that is an invitation to ask me over to your house. I'll say yes. And bring green beans. Win, win.

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