Today's Happy Things

What do you do when you have a stinky, rotten day? After a great weekend my week got off to a bumpy start. The thing I love most about bumpy starts? The smooth road that (typically) follows.

When I have a terrible day I typically have two choices: A) sit, mope, and do nothing, or B) get a grip and do something that makes me happy. Let's be honest; sometimes I choose option A. Sometimes the effort it takes to pull myself out of a funk seems like too much work, so I let storm cloud linger. More often than I let the storm cloud linger, however, I make the effort to choose happiness.

I think that choice can change everything.

So, today after the yuck-fest I did things that made me happy in order lift my spirits. I went to the library. I texted my mom. I talked to my sister.
I made myself a quesadilla for lunch. I asked my husband to bring me a slurpee. For dinner I chose comfort food: Sloppy Joes, tater tots, and green beans. And for dessert? Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Why is 75% of this list food?)

I first had these amazing cookies when I was living with my BFF Sue. This is her mom's recipe and they are the most delicious cookies that will ever cross your lips. I'm convinced she adds a little bit of magic when she makes hers, because they somehow always seem to be even more delicious when I don't have to make them.

Tonight I will sit in my comfy chair in my comfy robe. With me I will bring a mug of Chamomille and a glass of Perrier--and maybe a cookie or two. I'll do my sudoku puzzles and read my new library books until my eyes get droopy and it is time for bed. To me, that sounds like a picture perfect evening (in other news I am 70 years-old).

I chose happy things today.

Maybe it wasn't such a stinky, rotten day after all.

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  1. You might be 70-years-old....but your way good fun at a party.

    Also, you roll with Player so your cred is legit.

    Love, Mom

    PS - sorry you had a rotten day :(